Pure Saffron

Saffron (Crocus sativus) is the most expensive spice in the world. Its production is an extremely laborious and slow process.  Each morning at sunrise we collect the flowers, before they open and give the bees have a chance to sense the fragrant plantation. We use wood-fueled drying equipment, certified planting material and grow the saffron in perfect climatic conditions. This, along with the diligence we put into each step of the growing and harvesting process means that our Bulgarian saffron is of the highest possible quality.

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After collecting the flowers, we carefully separate the stigmas from the flower. At this point in the process, the saffron has no aroma. It is only released after the stigmas are dried and the water content is reduced. Saffron has a woody, sweet and very floral scent. Its taste is slightly bitter, develops slowly and stimulates the appetite.

Saffron’s most characteristic trait is the colour it gives to the food it is added to. This characteristic shade is due to the carotenoid pigment crocin. The golden tint brings brightness to softly coloured foods like rice, which is why saffron is used traditionally in Spanish paella, Italian risotto, as well as in Indian dishes with rice and curry. It is also superb for flavouring meat, fish, seafood, desserts, sauces, drinks, etc.