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Enjoy silky-smooth, renewed skin every day. Enjoy the delicate, aromatic textures and immediate effects.

The Saffron&Rose set contains the Saffron & Rose Anti-Pollution Clay Mask – 50 ml, the Maximum Hydra Intense Day Cream – 50 ml and the Cellular Night Regeneration Cream – 50 ml.

Value of the products when purchased separately – 224 BGN

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Anti-Pollution Clay Mask

Energises, restores vigor and hydration levels, eliminates signs of fatigue and loss of energy – puffiness, lack of vigor, gray or yellow skin tone, pigmentation problems. Improves capillary microcirculation, minimises pores, has a strong antioxidant effect.

Maximum Hydra Intense Day Cream

The day cream increases the level of hydration by optimizing the water balance. It strengthens the synthesis of the main lipids and proteins, which take part in the organisation of the epithelial layer. The cream improves the barrier function and aids in the visible reduction of wrinkles. Brightens the complexion, smooths the uneven surface and eliminates pollution. It has a powerful antioxidant action.

Cellular Night Regeneration Cream

Restores the natural defensive power of the skin and balances the microbiome. Neutralises free radicals, caused by oxidative stress. Reduces the depth of fine lines, optimises hydration and refreshes skin. Aids healing processes and has a contouring effect. The skin is toned, nourished and regains its elasticity.

The protective ingredients allow the skin to concentrate on the processes of cellular regeneration and to tackle the harmful effects of pollution, which is around us every day – unclean air, cigarette smoke, automobile fumes.


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