The birth energy of flowers presented by sensually satisfying textures by Saff begins in Saff Garden.

Saff is an innovative cosmetic brand of a new generation, harmoniously intertwined with centuries-old traditions, the great power of flowers, and the latest trends in cosmetology and science.

With each order you protect the bees, the biodiversity and contribute to the cleaner air we breathe.
Thank you!

We believe that high quality and pure ingredients are essential for achieving visible results. Our formulas contain a high concentration of active ingredients and extracts of organic, marine, and biological origin.

One ancient flower that has survived for more than three millennia thanks to its ability to protect and regenerate, is our main inspiration to create an exclusive cosmetic line. Today, the Saffron & Rose line reveals the luxurious transformation of your skin, because every drop is concentrated energy for drastically younger, noticeably renewed and stunningly radiant skin.


  • Each colour of saffron crocus is grown in our organic gardens.
  • For each bulb, we have taken thoughtful care to bloom a beautiful crocus of the highest quality.
  • Each colour is hand-picked early in the morning when its strength is most powerful.
  • Each flower is dried at appropriate temperature conditions to retain its nutrients.
  • Dried flowers are extracted thanks to advanced biotechnology.
  • Before it becomes the soul of the products, the produced extract is 100% dry and powdery and does not need to be preserved.
  • It does not contain alcohol or other skin-damaging extractants.

“I have been using Saff for more than two years and I can safely say that their products have become an integral part of my skin care routine. If I had to name the three products I can’t live without, it would be the clay mask, toner and gomage. Divine product that I highly recommend!”

Radostina Kostadinova
Miss Universe, influencer

“It was an exciting meeting three years ago when I discovered Saff – a detailed and fine brand of white cosmetics. What is fascinating is the instant effect of using their products, the careful cultivation of the ingredients used in the formulation, all natural and at a high level.”

Marina Voykova
Miss Bulgaria

“Beautifully radiant skin is at the heart of anyone who cares about their appearance. I have it thanks to Saff, with the right products and care I have achieved impressive results that I have never achieved before, and I am infinitely happy to have found the perfect cosmetics for myself. Officially addicted!”

Sarah Draguleva



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